Job Board / HR Business Platform

Job seekers generally use job boards to find new career opportunities. They generally use online portals to search for jobs. There are some applicant tracking systems integrated with the job boards.

job boards are easy to use, both for the recruiter and the job hunter. And with fast the paced advancements in technology, the job board is becoming more streamlined than ever.

Good job boards use advanced search functionality to help job seekers find exactly what they’re looking for. This improves the user experience, helping the job seeker to find the right jobs and the employer to tailor their ads to reach the right candidates.

With the popularity of personalisation ever growing, the ability to have an interactive experience in their job search is becoming more important. Job seekers can save jobs, upload CVs and other documents, and apply for as many jobs as they like.

  • Look After the Pennies

Posting vacancies on a job board is far cheaper than finding your candidates through a recruitment agency. Commission fees can soon build up if you have a high turnover or are recruiting within high salary bands.

Another reason to ‘cut out the middle man’ is that if your time is precious and if you trust your own judgement, it can often be more effective to sort through all applications yourself.

When you go through an agency, you can sometimes be presented with a candidate that might not be exactly what you’re looking for. Also, their CV may have been ‘tailored’ to suit the role in question. On a job board, you see exactly what the candidate presents.

  • There’s Something for Everyone

There are a great deal of what are called ‘generalist jobs boards’ out there, advertising everything from train drivers to tractor drivers. Which is great if you’re looking for a job in a particular niche market, you can be sure that there’s an equally niche job board out there with your next big career move waiting.

  • Flexibility and Control When You Need It

Staff turnover can vary considerably by organisation, industry and time of year. The average for the UK is currently at 14%, at a cost of about £4 billion per year to its employers.

Staff turnover can be planned and sometimes predicted, or come completely out of the blue, which is why the flexibility and control of a job board is incredibly important for HR departments across the world.

A job can be posted and seen by thousands within minutes, with applications coming in by the end of the day. Filled your vacancy? Just take down the post. Simple as that.

  • Better Reach

If your company website doesn’t get a great deal of traffic and your own careers page isn’t getting much traction, the visibility of an established jobs board can be the perfect springboard for your vacancy.

The authority of big and established job boards mean that they can take over organic search results with the popular job hunter’s keywords. They spend a lot of time and money on perfecting the SERPs so you don’t have to, so it’s important to take advantage of that.

Job boards are a tried and tested method of recruitment for all sizes of organisation. Take the time to perfect your job adverts, understand your audience and target job boards that have the right candidates for you and you’ll be reaping the rewards.

This generally helps in a seamless application process. You can manage local or global board. The area of job seekers is growing every year in a viral way. Your Online business  helps people find jobs. You can work from home and make wealth online.