AdBux.Club Working Ready Automated Digital Business for Sale

$999.00 $599.00

Featuring a full PTC-PTP Digital Automated Business Online with “Paid to click”, “Paid to take survey’s”, “Paid to read ad’s”, “Paid to sign up”, “Paid to read emails”, “Referr Other” and more! Learn how the can benefit your business by running automated payouts with paypal and payza, automated order validation and approval via paypal and payza, and more!

Put your business on auto-pilot and focus on what counts!

In Purchase You Get:

  1. Domain until 25/10/18 + 1 year.
  2. SSL and DOSS atack protect.
  3. Hosting Unlimited for 1 year.
  4. License all life for platform.
  5. 1 Milion Human World Wide Visitors.
  6. Guidance for operating the management system.
  7. Technical Support for 1 year.

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Description ready business automated online from advertising industry.

The PTC business is a feature rich enhanced “Get Paid To” website solution giving paid to click, read ads, signup and other features to your member’s. Automated order’s and withdraw’s via Paypal and Payza allow’s for a much more streamlined online business system!

Multi Language

The template and script features API access to Google’s translator for translation into any language google supports, as well as manual adjustment of the translations in the admin panel for all languages and site tags.

Refferal System

Up to 10 level’s of downline, all earn you more income by offering a bonus when someone performs a “Get Paid To” task that pay’s upline!

You can set up to 10 levels with up to 999% Commissions earnings, individually set for each level. This PTC Script has some INCREDIBLE features that will help you focus on your business. The level’s width cannot be forced, you may have unlimited people on each of the 10 level’s earning you commission.

Commissions are calculated on the spot. There is no delay, and funds are instantly available when your downline earns by performing a “Get Paid To” task. Set 10% and the sponsor will earn 10% of the downline member’s earnings. Set 50% and the sponsor will earn 50% of that downlines earnings.

Membership System – Your Earning Here

We offer a high quality web script allowing you to take control of your business. With membership management, automated alertpay payments, automatic order processing via alertpay and paypal and more , we have built our script to help you maximize your business and earning potential.

Advertising System- Your Earning Here

Automated advertising system that provides your advertisers with automatic advertising, by choosing from all types of advertising methods in the system. You receive the payment for advertising immediately to your PayPal or Payza accounts.

Ads from an external advertising network- Your Earning Here

You simply subscribe to an advertising network of your choice, put their ads on your site and earn traffic on your site, you can usually earn from views and clicks, of course you can earn multiple currencies.

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